Live Spaces is no more – long live

I have had a few false starts on blogging tech but I am going to use the Live Spaces migration to to rectify this. I was never a fan of the Live Spaces solution but I must admit I was more than a little surprised that was announced as its successor.

It’s going to be very interesting as a Microsoft customer to learn more about why the decisions were made to discontinue Live Spaces and off load something like 30 million Microsoft customers to Also look forward to hearing why customers were not notified through account management first. We learned through Kurt Shintaku’s excellent blog.

The post at the Live team’s blog makes mention that there is now a partnership between the WordPress parent company and Microsoft. The partnership link does not lead to a page covering terms of this new partnership but instead leads to a post that covers some of the history about the decision’s to move customers to and links to WordPress documentation and how to guides for new user’s of WordPress.

If I learn anything new on this subject I will report what I can. Meanwhile welcome all new Microsoft users to the World of WordPress.